Carolina Hurricanes: Raleigh is Ready for Outdoor Hockey


With the 2020 Winter Classic taking vicinity on the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, more southern markets are being considered for a host outside hockey games, so now is the chance that Tom Dundon and the Carolina Hurricanes the front office had been waiting for.

Dundon has stated in the beyond he’s extreme approximately bringing in either the 2021 Winter Classic or the 2021 Stadium Series sport to Raleigh, and he is pushing hard at the league workplace to get it completed. This covered talks with the Governor about bringing some outdoor hockey to Carolina and putting matters into a movement to make it manifest.
Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL, even paid a visit to Raleigh to scout Carter Finley Stadium as a possible area wherein cones have been laid out within the form of a hockey rink on the field to reveal the possible locale.

The Carolina Hurricanes have so many blessings with regards to web hosting an outdoor hockey compared to the maximum of the southern market teams, and recent events have even advanced on our chances. Let’s study why Raleigh is prepared for some outdoor hockey?

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