World Rugby desires an intensive concept to keep the game – right here’s one rugby fanatics may not like


Ever-larger gamers are smashing into every other ever greater often after a string of regulation adjustments designed to make the game an extra consumable spectacle have created a headache for World Rugby, literally so within the case of alarming concussion numbers.

So a brainstorming convention in Paris remaining week came up with some new thoughts to counteract the hassle. They covered the advent of a 50-22 which might reward kicks bounced from internal a team’s half of into the competition 22 with the lineout throw. The idea is to influence the defending team to drop gamers out of its wall to cowl the hazard of the kick and within the method lessen collisions and create extra space.

It is an idea borrowed from rugby league and its equal 40-20.

The idea has some advantage, but if World Rugby desired to be correctly radical, it needs to have a look at rummaging deeper into league’s dresser.

This one is going to sting a little so traditionalists appearance away now. The test rugby union must be trying out is decreasing the wide variety of gamers to thirteen.


Heresy? To some perhaps but it gives a direct antidote to the sport’s maximum pressing on-field problems and a helping hand with nagging off-field trouble too.

On the sector, most injuries arise inside the address, to the tackler. As the range of tackles has doubled inside the past nine years, so the injury rely has soared. The number of accidents stabilized last season, however, with Test gamers now weighing nearly two stones more than they did at the primary World Cup in 1987, the severity of them continued to upward thrust.

Rugby union is a touch recreation, and there will always be accidents however some way needs to be observed to trade the panorama. As French Federation president Bernard Laporte positioned it after the Paris conference: “Our sport has to essentially evolve so that rugby will become a game of movement and averting collisions.”

The lawmakers can fiddle around the edges with innovations like the 50-22, or they could take a deep breath and dive right in.

Cut the wide variety of players at the pitch by using, and there may be at once greater area available. With more ground in keeping with a guy to cover, it’s going to lead to much less emphasis on bulk, much less impactful collisions and less of them. The relevant cease factor is a discount within a variety of accidents.

Too simplistic? Compare rugby union with its more slimline layout, sevens.

In 15-a-aspect there are 17.4 concussions for every 1000 hours played. In sevens, in which the distance is higher and the collisions fewer, that determine is 12.Nine.

Sevens is a signpost now not a solution. It has its very own niche. As a sport which lays declare to being for all styles and sizes rugby union desires to discover a satisfied medium.

T isn’t always as if rugby union has always been a 15-a-side recreation. When England and Scotland met in the first international in 1971, it becomes played with 20 guys on every group. It turned into four years later that rugby union changed into trimmed to 15.

League too hasn’t always been thirteen-a-side. It took eleven years after the split away from the union in 1895 for 15 to be reduced to 13.

At the meeting where Warrington’s thought turned into handed their representative, Harry Ashton shrewdly made the factor that the flow would store a few clubs £a hundred in wages and with union now at a financial crossroads itself, the ability savings from a discount in squad sizes is a relative side difficulty.

There is a culture at play here, but if World Rugby need to be bold in their redesign, not anything must be sacrosanct.

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