8 British Muslims biking to Medina forestall in Istanbul


An institution of English Muslims biking from London to the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia took a smash on Saturday in the Turkish city of Istanbul.
While biking throughout continents, the eight Englishmen, who name themselves the “Tour de Hajj” — that means pilgrimage — additionally wish to elevate money for Muslims in want international and lift focus of their plight. The Tour de Hajj is pedaling throughout 17 one of a kind international locations, with most effective a spoil to pass Syria and Iraq to attain Egypt by using the plane.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), cyclist Junaid Afzal expressed his happiness to be in Turkey and Istanbul, “the cradle of civilization and records.”
“On June 7, we set off from London on our bikes. We plan to reach Medina after 4,000 kilometers and a 60-day bicycle tour,” he said. “Meanwhile, we aim to raise £500,000 [$628,600] to help human beings for use in mosques and colleges.”
Afzal also stated he recommends making a pilgrimage by way of motorcycle, adding: “It’s about your will. In the Holy Quran, it says, ‘When he [God] needs for something to exist, he simply commands it to exist, so it does.’ That’s how human beings need to observe lifestyles.”
Zain Lambat, any other member of the institution, said that is his first time creating a pilgrimage, and delivered: “This journey is vital in lots of ways. We’re all on the street for our religion. We meet awesome humans alongside the street and we’ve first-rate memories.
“Thank goodness we had a first-rate time as we made our way to locations.” Lambert stressed that everyone within the group desired to visit Istanbul, announcing: “Everywhere we went, there were Turkish mosques, and we met our Turkish brothers. They confirmed us exceptional hospitality.”
“If you’ve got a truly correct aim to make a pilgrimage, God will truely make your manner less complicated,” Lambert stated. “We activate with a completely small price range, but God brought to terrific human beings alongside the manner and provided for our sustenance.”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan additionally welcomed the Tour de Hajj at his presidential office in Dolmabahçe, Istanbul.

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