A Super Fast Half Marathon, a Guinness Record, and a Way Out of Postpartum Darkness


Everything about Lyndy Davis’s being pregnant appeared clean for her. After she qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials by strolling a 2:39:06 in December 2017, she got pregnant inside a month. On Instagram, she posted happy snap shots of her runs with her developing bump, which protected a 12-miler she did at 31 weeks. She stored doing her track exercises or even ran an hour on the day she went into labor.
That’s why the struggles she faced soon after the start of her son, Quentin, in October 2018, got here as such a surprise.
So far, napping hasn’t been one in all Quentin’s favorite conduct. His first few months at his domestic in Portland, Oregon, some nights Quentin became wide awake every hour, at the hour, with Mom. “You’re simply delirious within the night, nursing,” she stated. “The bushes swaying out of doors start becoming figures, you’re simply so tired.”
Even even though she was physically recovered from childbirth, Davis had essentially given up on her strolling. She becomes getting out handiest a couple of times each week, and specifically on foot. Her coach, Rick Lovett, saw empty blocks where she commonly color-coded a Google calendar with info on her training. When her 3-month maternity departs ended—she works full-time in advertising and marketing for HP’s on-line commercial enterprise—she reached a breaking factor. Realizing what she was experiencing turned into beyond infant blues, Davis sought out a therapist to assist her address postpartum depression.
In the latest blog post for her sponsor, Oiselle, Davis, 29, explained what became going via her mind: mourning her previous freedom, spiraling emotions of guilt for pretty much everything having to do with parenthood, and it all compounded via exhaustion.
One fundamental key to her healing? Reclaiming strolling. She waited until Quentin become 6 months earlier than they tried walking with him in a jogger.

They took higher to a brand new type of child-delivery apparatus: the KidRunner. She wears a waist harness and pulls Quentin in a stroller in the back of her, which lets in Davis to have her natural going for walks movement. And Quentin can see her at all times. Within days, they have been strolling together for 90 minutes. (Davis has for the reason that ends up a brand ambassador for KidRunner.)
She focused a race and had always prominent the stroller-pushing Guinness World Record setters she had to examine. The present-day global record for a female pushing a toddler in a 1/2 marathon is 1:27:34, set in 2016, however, others have long past faster. Julia Webb, the wife of American mile document-holder Alan Webb, ran 1:22:57 later in 2016. The mark was by no means ratified, however. In April, Lauren Stroud of Lake Jackson, Texas, ran 1:22:29 and gained the race. That time continues to be pending.

By pulling her son within the KidRunner, Davis would want a new class (pushing a stroller is considered extra difficult than pulling), so she contacted Guinness and let them recognize her plans. At the July 4 Foot Traffic Flat 1/2 marathon on Sauvie Island, Oregon, she positioned sixth normal in 1:21:38, that’s 6: thirteen consistent with mile tempo. Quentin, now 9 months and 21 pounds, babbled thankfully alongside in the back of her before he fell asleep approximately 1/2 way via.
Her run was recorded by means of her husband, Zach, driving on a motorcycle in advance of her with a GoPro strapped to his back and another observer on a bike behind her. She also had a witness jogging alongside—all to offer good enough documentation for Guinness. Davis filed for a record inside the category of “fastest half marathon pulling a palms-free stroller—lady,” which she hopes may be ratified in 12 weeks.
Having her toddler be a part of the race made all the difference. “It definitely became like bringing together both worlds,” she instructed Runner’s World, “knowing that we have been seeking to do something collectively as an alternative of getting my vintage lifestyles, earlier than the toddler, be compartmentalized.”
Davis said she isn’t absolutely recovered from her postpartum melancholy—she prices her frame of thoughts at about a 7 out of a likely 10. But she’s learned plenty and has advice for different parents.

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