Iko Uwais Is Hollywood’s Next Big Martial Arts Star. Just Ask Keanu Reeves and Mark Wahlberg.


When J.J. Abrams resurrected Star Wars, he wanted exhilaration—and actors who could make the new movies a laugh. For a selected scene in The Force Awakens, while raider assassins board and try to hijack the Millennium Falcon from their galactic goal, Han Solo, Abrams desired motion—and actors who should make it sense actually. So Abrams is known as Iko Uwais.
It turned into a fan’s desire as tons because it became a director’s request. Abrams, like many in Hollywood, located Uwais via his work on The Raid: Redemption, Welsh director Gareth Evans’ Indonesian martial arts movie similarly inspired by way of Die Hard, an M.I.A. Track video, and the Malay self-protection artwork form Silat. The Raid became one of the most celebrated action films of the century and featured hand-to-hand combat to render Jason Bourne a haymaker-throwing avenue brawler and John Wick a novice MMA fighter. (John Wick megastar Keanu Reeves turned into so enthralled by means of Uwais, he cast him in a small position for his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi.)
Abrams desired that movement. So he called and cast Uwais and Raid co-famous person Cecep Arif Rahman to hunt down Han. He also requested Uwais to choreograph lightsaber combat for later within the film. Uwais, a champion in Pencak Silat, had with the aid of then written and carried out masses of murderous fight choreographies involving knives and machetes. The concept he showed Abrams referred to as for a duel and featured a completing circulate in which a fighter strategically retracts his lightsaber earlier than gaining his opponent’s rear-side, after which, as Uwais explains, “with a quick pass, puts the lifeless lightsaber into the again of his opponent, and turns it on.”

Abrams cherished the choreography, however concept the fight too violent for the film’s PG-thirteen score. Ultimately, it became reduce from the movie. In their personal roles, Uwais and Rahman hold less than 5 minutes of overall screen time: they interact in a brief exchange with Solo; they’re set upon by way of a tentacled monster; they run, flip, shoot, and die—generally off display screen. By the time the “motion” clears, theatergoers probably had no concept that two of the sector’s most effective martial artists, added on to assist rejuvenate the maximum iconic film franchise of all time, did little greater than stand around; their position turned into basically a cameo.

Of direction, Uwais doesn’t see it that way, and he changed into satisfied and venerated that Abrams gave him the decision, cameo or no. “Getting calls from Hollywood has been pretty surreal to be sincere,” says Uwais. “Making a dwelling out of my real passion, that is Silat; that’s without a doubt a privilege for me.”

Uwais’ humility can be disarming; for a flashy, elbow-and-knee-throwing performer, his offstage presence is enormously placid. He stands at more or less 5’7,” muscled but now not dominating, and he smiles shyly and with the type of spotlight aversion local simplest to folks who absolutely in no way dreamt of a highlight.

Though already a movement celeb inside the eastern hemisphere, Uwais and his non-cameo abilities are best now coming to American monitors. Last 12 months, Uwais shot and fought beside Mark Wahlberg as a triple-crossing police informer in Mile 22, his first main American movie role. Even surrounded by using a cast that protected Wahlberg, Ronda Rousey, and John Malkovich, Uwais have become the most electrifying a part of the production, and he outpaced motion big name Wahlberg in each movement-starred series. During an interview for the film, Wahlberg simply called Uwais a “badass.”
It’s a moniker more of Hollywood’s elite have come to understand.
Uwais will appear onscreen this weekend as the bleach blond fantastic-villain fist preventing Dave Bautista and Kumal Nanjiani in Stuber. In August, he’ll take lead in his own Netflix-produced martial arts series Wu Assassins.
Despite all of the modesty, his surprise that the likes of Abrams, Reeves, and Wahlberg even recognize who he’s, Uwais may additionally soon be the maximum sought-after martial arts star inside the global.

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