Kansas Jayhawks guys’s basketball crew has fantastic reunion in Las Vegas


Former individuals of the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball group had an awesome reunion in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.
Jayhawks head train Bill Self hosted the occasion at Piero’s Italian Restaurant and the gathering featured Basketball Hall of Famers, a head coach, and numerous retired NBA veterans, in keeping with a University of Kansas information launch.

New Orleans Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry, San Antonio Spurs fashionable manager R.C. Buford, former Kansas head train Larry Brown, former NBA veterans Drew Gooden and Nick Collison have been some of the 21 former guys’ basketball group individuals on the dinner.
Nakia Sanford, who performed for the Jayhawks girls’ basketball group from 1995 to 1999, turned into also in attendance, in keeping with the information release.

Self said he wanted to get the group together to make sure the alumni realize that irrespective of which technology you’re from, you’re still a part of the Jayhawks circle of relatives.
“The bottom line is, we are all family, no matter what era you are from and regardless and who we played for,” he stated. “Nothing makes us greater proud to see men who’ve long past on after their time at Kansas and finished correct things.”
Self also reminded the institution to be proud of their accomplishments.

“Be happy with your school, be happy with what you men have finished, and be happy with what we are on the point of accomplish,” he said. “Because as precise as we had been when you were there, there is the ability for us to be plenty better, and I assume we will definitely knock it out of the park.”
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