New form of martial arts pops up in Port Alberni


A new style of martial art has started up inside the Alberni Valley.

As a reasonably new martial artwork, TeukGong MooSool or TGMS became evolved in the early Seventies in response to an altercation while a North Korean solider dispatched 3 South Korean infantrymen in much less than 10 seconds. TGMS includes the most effective principles of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Chinese Martial Arts, Judo, and Iaido. It has turn out to be the authentic martial art of the South Korean Special Forces.

DoJin Won has been training this form of Martial Arts on the grounds that its inception in Korea and has been increased to master. He discovered it all through his time as a paratrooper in the South Korean Army, and continued working towards at the same time as operating as a expert bodyguard. He has taught different masters to apply this approach of preventing for extra than two decades in Korea before shifting to Vancouver four years ago and eventually to Port Alberni 3 years in the past wherein he and his spouse Marie owned and operated Alberni Sushi.

DoJin had wanted to open a gymnasium to train TGMS, especially the style known as Koem Beop (Way of the Sword), which includes precision sword method with hand-to-hand fight. He vetted four college students to start classes simply over two years ago. Of the ones unique college students, Darran Chaisson became the first Canadian scholar of TGMS Sword to earn the rank of first degree Black Belt.

Chaisson is now teaching new students and could be joined by means of DoJin to maintain the subculture of the sword alive.

They, together with persevering with students Jackson Stewart and Winter Darby, keep to train the way of self-protection and sword work here in Port Alberni.

“With this style of martial artwork, we are essentially mastering what the Samurais of antique discovered,” says Chaisson. “Defence and attack styles, however additionally the manner of the sword, proper way to recognize the sword and treat it as a living entity, and to incorporate it into fighting.”


Chaisson is website hosting his lessons at Dragon Martial Arts Taekwondo and due to the fact mid-January has been coaching every Sunday from eleven:00 am – 2:00 pm at Dragon Martial Arts Academy. Registration is now open, no preceding martial art experience important. Please contact Chaisson at 250-735-7981 for information, or go to them on Facebook @TGMSPA.

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