New regulation we could California suspend a horse race for safety motives


The new law is in location granting California the authority to suspend a horse race for safety reasons.
State Senate Bill 469 lets in for California’s Horse Racing Board to suspend horse racing licenses if the board deems, it was important to protect the protection of horses or riders.
Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill Wednesday, weeks after he directed the board to apply new safety measures and create an overview group at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia for the remainder of the season. The regulation takes impact straight away.
The famed park, with a purpose to host the 2019 Breeders’ Cup in November, confronted heightened scrutiny this year as a complete of 30 horses died there this season.
After two horses died on the racetrack in an unmarried weekend, the board asked Santa Anita to close down for the relaxation of the season.
But the board could not force the closure because it did not have the authority underneath nation law to shut down a racetrack without the approval of the music’s operator, brief of an allegation of a rule violation.
The new regulation changes that.
SB 469 updates the law to allow the board to take on the spot action on race meet licenses if horse or rider safety is determined to be at the chance, the governor’s office stated.
“Business as standard has resulted in too many horse deaths,” Newsom stated in a declaration.
“I applaud the Legislature for taking motion to extend the authority of the CHRB to cancel or pass race meets whilst animal and human safety are at risk. This problem demands deeper partnership between the CHRB and song officers.”
The Stronach Group, which owns the song, said it has stepped forward racing situations over time and credited those measures reducing the number of horse deaths in latest years.
Nevertheless, the string of deaths this yr induced an investigation of trainers and proprietors and a ban on Hall of repute horse trainer Jerry Hollendorfer after one of his thoroughbreds died on the music.
Newsom mentioned Santa Anita’s cooperation with the evaluate board, which used a stronger procedure to determine if a horse is at elevated threat of damage before racing. An overall of 38 horses had been scratched or denied entry at Santa Anita after the evaluate procedure was applied.
“I call on race tracks around the nation to keep themselves to the better screening standards recently adopted at Santa Anita,” Newsom stated. “This model can save horses’ lives.”

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