Seminole acquaintances try to forestall demolition at Tides Golf Club


SEMINOLE, Fla. — The fight over the belongings of the former Tides Golf Club maintains after Pinellas County officials provide the assets owner approval to demolish the clubhouse.

“We’ve been preventing it for years at this factor,” said neighbor Mike Murrah.
Murrah is just certainly one of more than 100 folks who live near to the golf membership preventing the Tides Development Group’s plan to redevelop the assets. The owner wants the county to rezone it so as to build a new subdivision on the property. Some friends said they also heard approximately new condos being constructed there.
“We want to do everything we will to maintain our green area and not maintain to permit people to increase it.”
The proprietor closed the golfing membership final yr.
“It’s just been a downhill spiral with the whole lot getting worse,” stated Murrah.
The clubhouse is falling apart, which is why the county gave the owner two alternatives: restore the building up or demolish it. The Tides Development Group chose to demolish it and now associates are worried approximately what with a purpose to do to the surroundings.
“We’re looking at the capability floor for environmental impact.”
According to the county, the contractor employed to do the demolition is required to test the constructing for asbestos and other capacity environmental issues earlier than the paintings begins. That’s nevertheless now not accurate sufficient for the Save The Tides institution. They’re appealing the county’s selection to allow the demolition.
Even if the enchantment would not paintings, they say they will retain preventing any improvement thought that includes messing with the inexperienced space.
“There is not any give up,” Murrah stated. “When you bought this kind of splendor construct some place else. It’s that simple.”

Clearly no fee has been spared after they constructed this route. Everything from the lodge toilets to the course itself is surprising, lavish and downright opulent. A visit to Flamingos in reality is a deal with (and before you ask I don’t get a commission for writing this, I simply inform it as I see it.)
Flamingos is well worth a visit just to have a walk across the inn, which has sincerely been original at the Alhambra Palace and its surprising water gardens.
As for the golfing route itself it’s far every bit as lavish as the resort and clubhouse. As you meander around the direction the perspectives range from a breathtaking views of the Mediterranean to secluded perspectives of the wild nation-state. Around the route there’s an extremely good form of timber, plant life and flora, a few native, a few absolutely imported on the way to upload to the revel in.
Every now and them you stumble throughout an vintage (well they surely appearance vintage but they weren’t there in 2005!) ruins or statues and each corner holds a new marvel, they all first-rate.
The the front nine holes have beneficiant wide fairways in which you truely can open up your shoulders, a rarity for Spanish golf and the vegetables are adequate too, so get the low score on the cardboard in the front 9 if you can. As you negotiate the returned 9 the fairways have a tendency to slender down, in particular the 18th which actually focuses the mind however nevertheless the returned nine are not overly cruel. The fairways are narrower than the front nine but they have a tendency to be shorter and you’ve loosened up, so even though you need to be a bit greater precise than on the front nine the golfing continues to be enjoyable.
If you go to Flamingos make certain you make an effort to explore the resort after your spherical. It’s properly really worth a look.
Over all I might describe Flamingos as a cracking route which has a tendency to be a touch on the pricey side but if you want to deal with yourself you will not be disenchanted. A Masters or Championship route of the future I will wager.

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