Volkswagen Polo, Vento Facelift Spied Yet Again


The Volkswagen Polo and Vento, which has been known to get common special variants — Black and White edition, Cup edition; is ready to get a facelift by means of the end of this yr. The facelifted duo turned into spied trying out in Pune and here’s what you may anticipate from it.
The spy images display that the Vento sedan receives a redesigned fascia with a redesigned front bumper taken from the GTi hot hatch. The twin chrome-slat grille has been changed by a honeycomb mesh pattern and the bonnet has a cutout for the VW brand. The spied version changed into driving on twin-tone alloys visible inside the currently discovered Cup Edition vehicle. A closer look additionally reveals a sleek chrome strip jogging along with the decrease phase of the doors. While we couldn’t get a secret agent shot of the rear to cease, previous photos endorse that it remains in large part comparable besides for barely restyled hind lights and black trim inside the decrease bumper.

The Polo, then again, receives a comparable looking front-stop as the Vento facelift. Its profile also remains in large part the equal and receives a chrome strip much like its sedan sibling. The rear end though receives restyled tail lamps that are possible to be component LED devices. It additionally receives a black trim in its bumper for a sportier impact. It has to be stated that the Polo GT may also get a facelift as it has been spied before.
While the interiors of both automobiles are expected to be almost the equal, count on a new shade scheme and trims to maintain matters fresh.

Under the hood, the Polo and Vento facelift is likely to hold ahead of the 1. Zero-litre and 1.6-litre MPi engine this is likely to be upgraded to the approaching BS6 emission norms. Here are the specified specifications of these engines inside the modern-day BS4 guise:

But, the 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol located within the GT TSI and Vento TSI is most likely to be replaced via the BS6-compliant 1.0-litre TSI motor. Available in states of the song — 95PS and 115PS –, we count on the extra powerful version to strength the new hatch and the sedan. Currently, the 1.2-liter TSI churns out 105PS of power and springs mated to a 7-speed DSG transmission.

While it’s miles but to be acknowledged whether or not the 1. Five-litre TDI could be present within the facelift or now not, Volkswagen will awl it put up the upcoming BS6 emission norms because it received is upgraded. It might be very luxurious to improve the diesel engines, on the way to additionally force up the prices of the auto. The 1.5-liter TDI comes in two states of music — 90PS and 110PS. While both automobiles use a five-speed MT, the Vento also comes with a 7-velocity DSG gearbox, which is to be had at the Polo in its GT Guise.

As stated above, the Polo and Vento facelift is anticipated to hit our roads through the end of this year. When released, they’re anticipated to price greater than their cutting-edge iterations which are priced from Rs 5. Seventy-one lakh to Rs 9.Seventy two lakh (Polo ex-showroom, Delhi) and Rs 8.65 lakh to Rs 14.34 lakh (Vento ex-showroom, Delhi). It has to also be mentioned that each the fashions get their latest iterations via 2021.

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