5G era to be extensively used at Hangzhou Asian Games


The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (HAVOC) introduced on Thursday that 5G era will be broadly used inside the 2022 Asian games in Hangzhou, capital of China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, aiming to host an excessive-tech and shrewd sports activities occasion.
China Telecom and China Mobile have become official communique carrier partners of the Hangzhou Asian games after signing a settlement with HAGOC on Thursday nighttime.
“Communication provider is an essential assure of event facts service, in addition to the fundamental premise and essential basis for figuring out the concept of ‘sensible’ Asian video games. We desire the joint assure of China Telecom and China Mobile can offer double coverage for the Asian games,” Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of the HAVOC and vice mayor of Hangzhou, stated on the rite.
A 5G generation made its first debut at sports activities in 2018, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, surprising viewers around the world with the printed effects from a new perspective provided by way of 5G terminal devices.
How will 5G technology be applied in Hangzhou?
“We will take gain of 5G era and deeply combine new facts technology including artificial intelligence, internet, cloud computing, big facts and aspect computing with the Asian games, and offer various sensible management services in verbal exchange, recreation looking, journey, net and security, so as to turn the Hangzhou Asian games right into a excessive-tech and pinnacle-degree event,” China cell Zhejiang department deputy widespread supervisor Chen Hongtao said.
Both networks are the second reputable companions of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Chen Weiqiang stated the HAGOC could completely explore the assets of the Asian video games and making marketplace development to end up one of the most important ways to fulfill the needs of funds, substances, and offerings wished for the Asian video games. More than 20,000 tickets would go on sale from the 20th of May, which was scheduled as the first phase of ticket-selling, announced officials of 2010 Asian Games Committee on a press briefing held last Thursday in Guangzhou. The tickets were for 69 matches of 13 disciplines, including Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics, Cycling, Roller Sports, Triathlon, Judo, Wrestling, Gymnastics (rhythmic and trampoline), Shooting (trap), Golf and Rowing. Tickets released this time take up to 10 percent of all Asian Games tickets, with the remainders available in October.
Ticket Price
The ticket prices are not fixedly set but vary for different matches. It is confirmed that 87 percent of all the tickets for the 2010 Games will range from 10 RMB (USD 1.50) to 400 RMB (USD 58). In order to let more common people enjoy the big event, 45.3 percent tickets will be rated below 100 RMB (USD 15) by the Games Committee. However, those who want to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony would pay much more for one entry, at least from 1,600 RMB (USD 236) to 6,800 RMB (USD 1,000). And the opening and closing ceremony ticket purchasers would also have their names registered on the tickets.
How to Book
There are three ways for visitors to book tickets: the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games, branches of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and book offices in Guangzhou.
The public can log on the Official Ticketing Website of the Games to book their tickets. Spectators can also apply for tickets at over 400 appointed ticket sale branches of ICBC across China. No service fee will be charged and a confirmation letter will be sent after the booking succeeds.

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