Google Maps platform adds new patterns and gameplay alternatives for mobile video games


Google unveiled a platform a yr ago that allow game builders to create location-based games based totally on its Google Maps era. And now the company is unveiling new alternatives for art patterns and gameplay simply beforehand of the Game Developers Conference.

A variety of game developers have used the platform within the past year to make games like Ludia’s Jurassic World: Alive. Those video games used the power of Google Maps and real-time worldwide expertise of the world to take cell gaming to the subsequent degree.

But developing attractive, immersive real-international gameplay is tough, Google stated. So Google is liberating a few improvements for the Google Maps Platform, along with biome, elevation, and pathfinding.

“Imagine what you could construct while your game can adapt to a player’s environment real-time,” the enterprise stated. “With Google Maps Platform, you know if a high-visitors street is congested or when it will close for creation at night. You recognize while a commercial enterprise district is filled with people (and different gamers) in the course of weekdays or abandoned at the weekends, while a player is on public or personal assets, and when restaurants and stores open and close each day and through the years.”


This info can help a developer apprehend and adapt gameplay to locations and their context. This manner, any player can enjoy the best recreation viable irrespective of where they may be inside the world.

Pathfinding offers builders get entry to the electricity of Google Maps’ routing algorithms to permit reviews in movement — something from directing monsters to chase a participant around, to flying an aircraft to drop off components at a secure residence, to collaborating on missions through a futuristic town.

Google also includes the potential for builders to design gameplay round biome facts, which offers get admission to statistics approximately a region’s land cowl kind. Now, developers could make cacti develop in the barren region, have players hunt for insects in a grassland, or area raccoons in a lower back alley dumpster.

Google is likewise including terrain elevation, a characteristic with a purpose to be genuinely interesting for those developers who are uninterested in constructing flat worlds. With this selection, developers can fashion the hills, mountains, and towns to deliver even greater customized places right into a sport.

Designing immersive real-international games is about more than simply putting gameplay inside the physical world, it’s approximately making actual places essential to how players enjoy the game, Google said.

“It’s approximately wherein a participant is, what time it’s miles, and what’s around them right now,” Google said. “It’s about making your game international the real global, powered using Google Maps facts and sponsored through Google infrastructure. We were mapping the sector seeing that 2005 and now you could take what we realize approximately the actual global and placed it to work to your games.”

Google will communicate approximately the topic on Tuesday, March 19, at three p.M. In Room 2016 at Moscone West Hall at GDC 2019.

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