WATCH: Julia Saubier on martial arts and pageantry


Julia Saubier had no interest in joining beauty pageants till she saw what it could do following the win of Megan Young as Miss World 2013.
“I became never interested in splendor pageants, due to the fact I best actually saw it for what I noticed, which become the glitz and glamour, and, so, I turned to basketball… And different sports, however, it wasn’t till Megan Young gained, and I saw what number of human beings listened to her. And how she honestly had a say in what she desired the Philippines to be,” she said.
Julia currently graduated with a grasp’s degree at Peking University. She joined Binibining Pilipinas this yr but lamentably did now not area. But before pageants, she became already practicing one of her passions — martial arts. She is both practicing kung fu and the Filipino martial arts pekiti-tarsia kali.
When requested what was given her to do kung fu, Julia said: “I by no means absolutely noticed myself represented, you already know this form of morena, chinita type of girl, Filipina… So after I started out watching kung fu films, it became so innovative for me to see this Asian girl as you realize a female, as a picture of strength and strength in a center position.”

From Peter Parker’s run-in with a radioactive spider to Superman fleeing an exploding Krypton: comic e-book lovers love a terrific beginning story.
So when a hundred thirty-five,000 geeks and nerds invade San Diego next week for the fiftieth edition of Comic-Con — the sector’s largest party of pop culture — the occasion’s humble beginnings can be a warm topic of debate.

The sprawling convention these days draws Hollywood A-listers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Stewart and the forged of Game of Thrones to its frantically hyped panels, wherein billion-dollar franchises are released.
But the first new release — the brainchild of an unemployed 36-yr-old comic collector and his 5 teenage acolytes — drew just one hundred humans to a seedy hotel basement down the street in March 1970.
The “Golden State Comic-Con” turned into first designed as a way for enthusiasts to connect with each other and meet their heroes — the comedian e-book creators — at a time when the style changed into a million miles away from the mainstream.
“We never notion we’d be as huge as we’re. We never thought we’d be round in 50 years’ time,” David Glanzer, Comic-Con’s advertising leader, instructed AFP.
Star Wars to Tarantino
“They had been the primary individuals who truly regarded comedian books as art,” delivered Glanzer.
Comic-Con’s subsequent boom was gradual however inexorable. It an increasing number of regarded beyond comics and catered to movie and TV, in addition to different genres together with sci-fi.

Oscar-winning director Frank Capra become the primary absolutely mainstream star to attend. But arguably the tipping factor got here in 1976 while Lucasfilm’s publicist sent a crew bearing posters and slides to sell an upcoming “little film known as Star Wars,” said Glanzer.

The ploy to spread word of mouth about its ambitious area opera was “viral advertising before there has been viral advertising,” he added.
It clearly labored. Big-shot studio executives who had formerly attended for amusing on their weekends began coming for the entire week, arriving in their business fits to close main licensing offers at San Diego’s pinnacle eating places.
By the 90s, studios and networks have been sending the “expertise” itself — superstar-studded casts and directors — forcing the traditional media to pay attention.
Francis Ford Coppola got here to sell Dracula, even as Quentin Tarantino went from wandering the halls as a fan to acting the front and middle on the level.
“Back within the day we used to provide away two or 3 thousand tickets on the radio because we could not get people through the door,” recalled Glanzer. “Now tickets promote out within an hour.”
Comic roots
The recipe has been so a success that imitations and spin-offs have popped up around the world, from New York to Saudi Arabia.

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