Water sports activities in Visakhapatnam seashores face danger from sewage and plastic waste


VISAKHAPATNAM: Visakhapatnam beaches, that have been the maximum favorite visitor spots, are now turning dirty with the release of drain water and plastic waste into the sea. While the metropolis is growing as a chief visitor hub, Rushikonda, Bheemili, Jodugulapalem, Sea Pearl and Peda Jalaripeta beaches are a number of the nice spots for water sports activities particularly surfing. However, drain water and plastic waste are flowing into the sea, developing a repulsive ambiance for water sports activities activities.
In a previous couple of years, Vizag seashores have ended up browsing spots for tourists and locals. “Many of us do no longer understand that Peda Jalaripeta Beach location is one of the exceptional spots for browsing. Tourists and commoners take pleasure in browsing. “I had been surfing for the past 11 years and Peda Jalaripeta Beach is as soon as the excellent locations for the water recreation in Vizag. Back in 2003, there has been also a boatyard in Peda Jalaripeta and we had the longest surfing rides. But, the discharge of drain water and plastic waste into the sea has turned the area from horrific to worse and we stopped surfing in that area,” stated Rakesh Perla, a Vizagite and a surfer from Dolphin Yachting Association.
With around 20-30 surfers who experience rides within the Vizag seashore, there are numerous travelers who, nowadays, are keen on indulging in surfing. While Vizag has lots of capability for browsing, environmental troubles are diminishing the potential for water sports activities sports. “Nobody wants to surf within the sea combined with drain water. Now, the maximum of the surfing spots have lost their beauty and at the same time as surfing within Rushikonda Beach, we see plastic luggage and all kinds of waste stuck to browsing boats. But, while the waves are excellent to surf, we forget about the waste and later take a bath with antiseptic liquid, so that we don’t fall unwell,” said Rakesh.
Monsoon season being the best time for the surfers to revel in the excellent rides, neighborhood surfers who take pleasure in surfing in different international locations too say that it’s miles simplest in India we don’t have a proper mechanism for segregation of waste. “If unmarried-use plastic isn’t banned within the metropolis and seashores are polluted with waste, the city will lose its capability to make surfing the high-quality recreation. The officers have to make serious efforts to prevent releasing drain water into the sea,” stated a vacationer who surfs at Rushikonda.

Water sports activities are very famous among athletes and non-athletes alike mainly within the warm days of summer time. After all, any of the water sports is an excellent way to hold cool and look cool, stay active and tanned in addition to getting your exercise and its fitness advantages.
However, water sports activities may be dangerous, too. Reports of drowning and other water-associated accidents worry us and yet we nevertheless fail to undertake certain protection guidelines to avoid becoming the following sufferers. Well, in case you want your family and friends to be secure at all times at the same time as engaging in water sports at the same time as having amusing, it can pay to take heed of the following protection suggestions.
Be a Strong Swimmer
In any water game, it is crucial to be a strong swimmer. At the very least, you may be capable of the swim to shore or to avoid transferring items at the water consisting of boats. Likewise, you have to make sure that the alternative participants within the sports activities are also robust swimmers no longer simplest due to the fact it’s far an opposition where the most powerful have the highest probabilities of triumphing but also due to the fact lives are at stake here.
Wear a Life Vest
Many drowning deaths inside the open seas had been attributed to the failure to wear existence vests. Even in case you consider yourself an awesome swimmer, life vests are de rigueur if you lose attention or get worn-out from floating for your own. And understand that no longer simply any toy flotation device will do for the purpose.
Learn CPR
Do not rely on the lifeguards and different medical personnel to come back on time to shop the lifestyles of a family member or a chum. YOU should learn how to administer CPR at the soonest feasible time because mere seconds can suggest the distinction between lifestyles and loss of life.

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