Headless Goat Polo Is A Top Sport At World Nomad Games


Two bare-chested guys on horseback battle. The aim is to drag your opponent off the pony, so a part of his body touches the floor.

Three puppies chase a dummy clad in a fox or hare pores and skin to the fastest peer. Biting an opponent is grounds for disqualification.

And then there may be this game: “Each crew seeks to throw as many goat carcasses as viable into the tax Kazan (intention) of the opposing team.”

They’re now not Olympic sports but they are part of every other international competition: The World Nomad Games, held in Kyrgyzstan closing September. That’s the landlocked important Asian country of 6.2 million that, centuries in the past, became a stop at the Silk Road traveled with the aid of investors from China to the Mediterranean. In modern-day times, it was a part of the Soviet Union until it declared independence in 1991.

This turned into the third iteration of the video games, which had been spearheaded by using former Kyrgyzstani president Almazbek Atambayev and spotlight each extreme nearby sports in addition to more conventional ones like archery. According to the next press, 2,000 athletes from 80 countries competed earlier than a target market of one hundred fifty,000, about a third of whom had been foreign vacationers. The standard value changed into approximately $6.7 million, with $2.3 million included by way of personal sponsors and the relaxation picked up by using the authorities.

The government involvement has precipitated some nearby criticism, according to a New York Times document. “Keep in mind that Kyrgyzstan, as compared to its pals, is an enormously open USA concerning freedom of speech. So people there tend to be greater vocal in criticizing the moves of the authorities,” wrote Kanybek Nur-begin, a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University who grew up in Kyrgyzstan. “While u. S. A. Could certainly have used the finances on other pressing problems; I assume the idea of bringing people together to revel in peaceful occasions, reviving cultural traditions and web hosting visitors from dozen of nations is a terrific idea.”

In a rustic this is not rich in natural sources, he adds, “tourism is a promising enterprise.”

Norwegian thinks the games “have put Kyrgyzstan on the world map.”

Nicolas Tanner, a photojournalist, and pupil on the Institute for Doctoral Studies within the Visual Arts in Portland, Maine, chronicled the 0.33 World Nomad Games. “There were so many bloggers there,” Tanner says, “to do Instagram tales, displaying this issue to the world.”

Tanner, who became a Peace Corps volunteer inside the Kyrgyz village of At-Bashy from 2008 to 2010, spoke with us approximately the Games.

How do the Kyrgyz keep their historical traditions inside the face of the current effect?

By deciding on to stay through the superb hardcore way of life – their feel of the way of life is sacred to them. If you ask a Kyrgyz person who their father’s father’s father’s father’s father become, they could inform you. They can tell you who changed into of their circle of relatives like seven generations back. That’s the way you bring the beyond ahead.

Are there nonetheless nomads a few of the Kyrgyz human beings?

Kyrgyz are in part nomadic: In the winters [some of them] live in a house, then in the summers they will go out. Traditionally, they might only go out in what is known as the jailoo, which is a mountain pasture. Now they have got these mobile phones, and they can communicate it go into reverse to their households or with every different. So it makes their ease of motion honestly easier or more efficient.

Cellphones in fashionable are the type of a wild, little nomadic device — it forms of makes everybody nomadic. We can now build of being anywhere and nonetheless be speaking to everywhere else.


Since we are Goats and Soda, I ought to ask: what is headless goat polo-like?

It’s known as Kok-Boru [which means gray wolf, said to be the animal first used in this sport.]

They cut the hooves and the top off the goat. They’re basically [two teams of] guys on horses seeking to get the goat into the other team’s goal. It’s a physical recreation, men get bloody, and horses cave in.

The subsequent set of video games, in 2020, will take the region in Turkey – which is one of the sponsoring nations. How do the locals in Kyrgyzstan sense approximately that?

I did talk to some that stated essentially, That’s excellent, anything. But these video games are ordinarily Kyrgyz, and we created the video games, so why not preserve it right here? Well, as it’s worth cash now, so Turkey desires in.

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