POOL TRAGEDY British girl, 4, dies after falling into resort swimming pool on excursion in Egypt


Family members lost sight of her momentarily before a lifeguard dived in to drag her out. She becomes given CPR by way of the pool however to no avail.
Her own family has blamed the resort announcing there has been only one lifeguard patrolling the large pool place and that he had no first aid abilities.
Skia and her sister Lystasia, 11, had been on holiday with loved ones at Seagull Beach Resort in Hurghada.
A witness reported that a family member said: “We overlooked Skia for only a moment or two earlier than she fell in however the lifeguard never saw her till it was too past due.”
The relative reportedly claimed that the protect panicked, walking with Skia in his palms earlier than a person else stepped in to present CPR.
But the supervisor of the four-famous person inn at the seashores of the Red Sea denied any responsibility.
He said: “It occurred because the little lady became now not being watched.”

It comes a year after five-yr-old Theo Treharne-Jones drowned in a sad pool coincidence whilst on holiday with his own family in Kos after wandering off earlier than his parents had woken up.
He is thought to have jumped into the pool at the Atlantica Holiday Village lodge before breakfast.
Hotel visitors stated the boy became pulled out of the pool by a person who shouted for others to come back and help.
Theo is thought to have died before emergency offerings arrived at the scene.
His mother and father and an inn manager had been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and endangering the lifestyles of a minor.
Last month Paul Surtees located his wife lifeless in a hotel pool at the African island of Cape Verde after she left the bar to go to the toilet.
Her purpose of loss of life is yet to be diagnosed.

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