Rio Olympics: Ex-governor says he paid $2m bribe


A former governor of Rio de Janeiro says he helped pay a $2m (£1.6m) bribe to comfy the Olympic Games for the Brazilian town in 2016.
Sérgio Cabral instructed a choose the price was made to comfy votes inside the decision-making assembly in 2009.
He stated that Carlos Nuzman, then the chairman of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, handled the negotiations.
In 2017, Mr. Nuzman became arrested amid research into the alleged vote-buying scheme. He denies wrongdoing.
Cabral is currently serving a 2 hundred-year sentence for numerous corruption cases.
On Thursday, he stated the then-president of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Senegal’s Lamine Diack, also served as a middleman within the alleged deal.

Mr. Diack is to face trial in France, having been arrested there in 2015. He has been accused of taking bills for deferring sanctions towards Russian capsules cheats. He has previously denied wrongdoing, however, has not but responded to the present day allegations.

Both Mr. Diack and Mr. Nuzman were suspended from their roles and later resigned.
Cabral also stated Brazil’s then-president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, had been knowledgeable after the cash had allegedly changed palms.
Lula’s attorneys have said this is untrue. He has been jailed in a separate corruption case.

Why has this come out now?
Ongoing criminal investigations into alleged bribery – led by prosecutors in Brazil and France – have already implicated Mr. Nuzman, Mr. Diack, and his son, after which-IOC government board member Frank Fredericks.
However, no main officers have admitted involvement until now.
Cabral, who served two phrases as Rio kingdom governor from 2007 to 2014, spoke out throughout listening to requested by using his new defense crew as he seeks a plea deal.
He hopes the records would possibly lessen his lengthy sentences faced by using him.
He was convicted of passive corruption, money laundering and embezzlement – connected to numerous cases from an exposé called Operation Carwash. His spouse, Adriana Anselmo, became additionally jailed after a period beneath house arrest.
Several high-powered Brazilian executives and politicians have recently reduced their sentences via plea deals and giving evidence against others.
Who else become named?
Cabral advised investigators that his bribe was geared toward triumphing the support of 9 of the committee’s ninety-five individuals.
He implicated several top athletes who had voting rights. Olympic gold medallists Sergey Bubka and Alexander Popov have each considering the fact that denied taking a bribe and stated they had been considering suing for defamation.
Mr. Popov, a Russian former swimmer, released a declaration thru social media, pronouncing he did no longer vote for the town or participate in any negotiations.
Mr. Bukba, a Ukrainian pole-vault champion, posted a chain of tweets, in which he said he absolutely rejected “all the fake claims made by way of the previous Rio State governor”.1952 The States captured gold in basketball in the XV Olympics, giving the US squad access to competing in the upcoming men’s Olympic Games basketball championship in Australia in the mid-1950s.
1952 Upon winning an Olympic trophy in the men’s javelin throw in Scandinavia, Cy Young was the first person in America’s sporting history to receive that honor.
1955 Looking ahead to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the US Olympic Committee sent an important delegation (spearheaded by its top athlete Patricia McCormick) to Pan American Games in the Mexican metropolis—Among whom were the future Olympic winners: Rafer Johnson (decathlon), Parry O’Brien (shot put), Mildred McDaniel (women’s high jump), Huelet Benner (shooting), and Charles Vince (weightlifting).

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